September 20, 1984 - April 25, 1992
ABC Situation Comedy - 196 Episodes


Tony Micelli:   Tony Danza
Angela Bower:   Judith Light
Samantha Micelli:   Alyssa Milano
Jonathan Bower:   Danny Pintauro
Mona Robinson:   Katherine Helmond
Geoffrey Wells:   Robin Thomas
Bonnie:   Shana Lane-Block
Jesse Nash:   Scott Bloom
Mrs. Rossini:   Rhoda Gemignani
Billy:   Jonathan Halyalkar
Kathleen Sawyer:   Kate Vernon
Andy:   Doug Ballard
Hank Thomopolous:   Curnal Achilles Aulisio
Fran Thomopalous:   Candy Azzara
Marci Ferguson:   Nicole Eggert
Al:   Billy Gallo
Joe Thomopalous:   Vic Polizos

Tony was a former second baseman for the St. Louis
Cardinals and a widower with a young daughter, Samantha.
Fed up with the congestion and bustle of New York City,
he sought refuge working as a domestic for Angela Bower,
the high-powered but somewhat disorganized President of
the Wallace and McQuade advertising Agency, who lived
in suburban Connecticut. Angela, a divorcee with a
rambunctious young son named Jonathan, had doubts about
the arrangement, but her mother, Mona, quickly observed
that "a man can do meaningless, unproductive work as
well as a woman." Tony proved to be very good at his
new job, bringing order to Angela's chaotic household
and providing a needed father figure to Jonathan.

Angela, who worried constantly about her career, was
abruptly fired in 1986, whereupon she opened her own
ad agency, with Mona pitching in. The running theme
of the series was Tony and Angela's evolving
relationship, which must have been one of
the longest courtships in sitcom history.

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